If you could do something impossible....what would it be?

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If you were granted a one-time miracle---the ability to do something impossible, just once...what would it be?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), December 20, 1999


if the miracle would have a permanent effect, i would accomplish the miraculous means of enabling doctors and scientists to find a method of curing everyone of every human ill, mental, orthopedic, and all the various diseases. i also would enable the profession to bring back to normal the body, brains and bones now considered to be permanently impossible to correct.

-- ici jongleur (ionoi@webtv.net), December 21, 1999.

If I could, I think I'd like to go back and re-live my childhood, but with the insights into life that I have now. Then, I could shrug off the teasing I had to deal with growing up, instead of letting it turn me into the almost painfully-shy person that I am today.

-- Lisana (lisana@lisana.dreamhost.com), December 21, 1999.

I guess it would be time travel. More specifically, there is a story in the Bible where Jesus is walking through a city, someone touched his robe and he said "I feel that some power has left me".

I would love to have been the one to touch the robe...feel whatever it was that the person felt. See him face to face...awesome.

-- Bob Beltran (kelly-bob@excite.com), December 21, 1999.

I'd want to do something blatantly impossible, like fly, in an extremely public (videotaped) place, with lots of witnesses; let's say, the Super Bowl, or a presidential inauguration.

Just to watch the scientists go freakin' nuts trying to figure out how I did it.

-- Colin (cfmckin@uswest.com), December 22, 1999.

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