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I was trying to apply for a new mortgage to move and free up some equity to help towards my girlfriend (and her ex's) shortfall claim.But I am now being told that they will not give me a mortgage as I have mortgages at other addresses (which I do not). I can only put this down to my girlfriend receiving a shortfall claim last week at my house and the Halifax trying to make me responsible. Can they do this?I only applied for a mortgage in principle (by email)there were no warnings that a search would be carried out-can they do a search without my authority?(Not that I have anything to hide)Any help urgently appreciated.

-- Alex Rogers (, December 20, 1999


I went to a lawyer to ask the same question as I was about to re- marry and needed to know if he would become liable. According to my lawyer, they cannot touch you if you do not have a joint income or joint accounts. Once joint names appear all over the place(even savings acc.), they can try to get to both of you. I suggest you seek the same advice. Hope I was of some help. Annette

-- Annette Challis (, March 22, 2000.

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