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Does anyone know where I can get some diafine? Gene Crumpler mentioned once that he used it to develop TP. I e-mailed him a while back but I got no response. I was wondering what kind of results I can expect from this developer.

-- Walter Massa (massacam@aol.com), December 19, 1999


It's available from any dealer who carries Brandess/Kalt/Aetna products. If you can't get a local dealer to get it for you, try Calumet, B&H or Freestyle.

-- John Hicks (jbh@magicnet.net), December 19, 1999.

Or use Technidol which is made for developing TP. You can also use almost any developer. Just make a very dilute batch and use it as a compensating developer. I've used HC110, Ilford Universal, Rodinal, and a few others so just learn to use them correctly. James

-- Mr.Lumberjack (james_mickelson@hotmail.com), December 19, 1999.

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