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I'm looking for the heritage of A&D cabooses #109-#111, which were acquired 6/55. The cars were of wooden construction with tongue and groove siding, a coupola, and had two windows per side. The other ex-Southern cabs that were used by the A&D were red with yellow lettering, as per Southern Rwy standards. The two ex-N&W cabs were dark red with white lettering, as per N&W practices. Cabs #109-#111 were red with yellow lettering, leading me to believe that the Southern had prepped the cars for the A&D. Does anyone know where these cars came from, or their disposition as NF&D? Any help is greatly appreciated!

-- Russell Underwood (JAY611@ home .com), December 18, 1999


I think there is one at Buffalo Junction,Va on rt#49

-- Roger Elliott (, February 16, 2003.

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