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anyone know which portal to use (and HOW to use it) in the player's maze?

-- kain (, December 18, 1999


You have to learn from the witch to jump through the eastern most portal with your arms crossed over your body to escape.


P.S. - You HAVE TO have her tell you this, you can't just do know how to do it if you kill her to soon.

-- KoleyKool (, December 19, 1999.

You must read the journal that you left behind in your past life. You then only go through the portals once, then come back to the portal that you originally went through to make sure that there is a blue glowing light there, then go through another portal on the same area as that portal. It worked in a few tries for me.

-- Khanh (, December 21, 1999.

there is one portal in the lower left that is isolated and has no bridge going to it. That is your destination. The question is well...How do I get there.

Answer...not counting that portal, move three portals to the right and go throught it. when you reapear WALK back to that same portal and go through it again...presto! you are now on the isolated Island with the portal out. Walk through, recollect Morte and off ye go!

-- Brad Ruminer (, December 30, 1999.

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