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What foods make the holidays for you? What do you have to have for holiday dinner that are traditions you can't do without? Do you have recipes, or are they family secrets? Share!

Personally, it's just not the holidays unless I help make and then eat at least one batch of moon cookies between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And big holidays are the only times my mother will consent to making real mashed potatoes, rather than the boxed stuff, so I insist on it. Everything else is just dressing.

-- Liz Brooks (, December 18, 1999


I don't really have foods that make the holidays, but I do have dessert suggestions (not that you've made them either, but I like them). French Silk Pie (I'll send you the recipe after I get it out of my mother) and Chocolate Mousse (also need to get the recipe from my mother).

-- Jeff Fiscus (, December 18, 1999.

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