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Yes, I know that a thread was posted on this earlier, but there was no link... Here's the article and its URL:


"Potential Bomb Materials Stolen"

By MICHELLE RUSHLO Associated Press Writer

"FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- Investigators believe 750 pounds of ammonium nitrate, 225 pounds of dynamite, 6,000 feet of detonation cord and several blasting caps were stolen from an Arizona rock quarry this week."

"Federal agents were in the rugged mountains of northern Arizona Friday looking for evidence in the theft of the materials, which are commonly used in mining but could also be used to make a bomb. Authorities believe they stolen sometime between late Monday and Thursday."

"Ammonium nitrate was the main ingredient in the 4,800-pound device used to blow up the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995."

``If someone knew what they were doing, they could do a lot of damage,'' said Larry Bettendorf, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms."

"He said the amount stolen from the flagstone quarry owned by Riverside, Calif.-based 3 Wins Mining Co. was unusual but that the theft itself was not."

``This kind of thing happens across the country all the time,'' Bettendorf said."

"The ATF has 11 agents investigating the theft in a remote, rocky canyon west of Flagstaff near Drake."

"Chief Deputy Sam Whitted of the Coconino County Sheriff's Office said authorities were aware of no threats related to the theft, and no suspects had been identified."


-- Deb M. (, December 17, 1999


Sorry for the double post - darn eggnog!

-- Deb M. (, December 17, 1999.

I wouldn't wanna be in Arizona till that loot turns up! Anyone there may wanna get to another site, yikes!

-- Hokie (, December 17, 1999.

I'm becoming a little suspect of stories like this and the mad bomber at the border last night. Not to mention the 12-13 apprehended in the Middle East. Government laying a plot line for future bombings, and also trying to give appearance that they are doing something. No identities, no countries, no specifics! Hollow stories with little follow up. Expect daily offerings of these to continue.

-- (, December 17, 1999.

I agree, this is a bunch of crap setting the stage for what they have planned. Doesn't anybody see this???? Can everybody say "Moooo?"

-- Idon'tbuyit (, December 17, 1999.

I'm elated at the capture of the susepcted terrorist in Seattle, but I I have the same apprehensions, that I need to [bracket] my satisrfaction, since the events themsleves are suspect. Muggereidge keeps coming to mind "Everything's true, except the facts." I WOULD NOT be so circumspect if the groundwork didn't seem so precisely PAT and well-laid: the release of the Project *Megiddo* documents last month -- (searching my lame-brain trying to recall the last time the FBI released a formal announcement about a police investigation???) and then MORE TO THE POINT Mme Madeleine Albright's recent declaration on behalf of the State Dept, warning all Amercians abroad about a totally generic, vague, unspecific threat to Americans from terrorist attacks. Excuse me, but is State has intelligence enough to warrant an advisory, it seems to me State has intelligence enough to say the threat is from XXXXXXX or XXX--XXX-XXXXX, etc. Well ... can you tell I've learned not to take this Administration ad face value?


-- SH (, December 17, 1999.

My reading last night was on WWII. I was reading the interesting story of Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939. The attack was "justified" because of an alleged Polish commando attack of a German radio station across the German border. It was staged by Hitlers people and they dressed the dead in Polish uniforms. This caused Hitler to claim the need for self defense because of the "attacks" of others against the country. Similar border incidents were staged and used as an excuse to protect Germans when he invaded other countries early on.......I guess this is the reason I read history.

-- smfdoc (, December 18, 1999.

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