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I really don't like all this talk about a whole new leaderboard at MARP, and all the accusations being flung at players about cheating. The spirit of gamesmanship here is dying. I say that if a score looks suspicious, then let's follow the same rules as TG, now that we have a solid version of encoded MAME. A player challenged about his score has, let's say, 2 months to prove he can repeat 75% of his score using TGMAME, or the score is discarded after two months if he cannot. Players would be allowed to make one challenge against another MARPer per month, or so, I haven't really fleshed out the idea fully.

A couple other quick things that are really irking me. German Krol, PLEASE remove your autofire recordings, like herbiedk. Jeez, you're in first place, you don't need the added advantage, and everyone else has removed their autofire games. Second, I thought we were going to ban the GnG recordings that were point leeching. What happened to that? Lastly, Phil Lamat, out of courtesy to the other players, could you look over your recordings and remove the ones that are obviously sub speed. S'il vous plait. Ca me semble que la majorite des competiteurs ici sont sur que t'en as den .inps qui ne sont pas honnete.

That's all for me. Happy Holidays everyone, Q.T.Quazar (perpetually 4th)

-- Q.T.Quazar (, December 17, 1999


You don't like the acusations but then you acuse GK? We all want to reduce the acusations and tgmame is the only way to do this, since it will be more difficult to acuse someone of having a cheating tgmame recording. (and getting closer on the autofire detection so there won't need to be a reason to acuse or feel acused since the proof will be in the recording, weather it uses a viewable banned technique or has too low a framerate or has autofire signature button presses.)

Having the 75% score rule even forces acusations, it might even put more pressure on someone to repeat a good score they might not truly be able to repeat even to 75%. And if cheating did occur for some games it might be easy to get 75% of a cheated score.... Just letting people record tgmame recordings if they want to allows them to record in a less acusatory forum, and those who want to keep their origonal leaderboard scores they can.

i think that's 13 and a half cents by now...

-- Chad (, December 18, 1999.

Ok QT : Am I irking you??????????? "Remove your autofires recordings?????" What recordings?, you mean "the recording". I'll be delete my herbiedk score I don't have any problems. I played it with autofire just to compare it with others players that use autofire too. I don't use my jostick ofently, I use only my keyboard in a 99% of my recordings.I didn't cheat. I don't need to cheat and I don't want to do it. I don't even like this game, in fact I'm 8th in the hyprolym and I really don't care. It just isn't fair to accuse me like you did just because I used Autofire in ONE GAME that, besides, I'd specially wrote in its description "Autofire used". Like you said "The spirit of gamesmanship here is dying". I agree with you.

German Krol

-- German Krol (, December 22, 1999.

I think i'm at fault at putting the word "Acusation" in QT's mouth. He didn't acuse GK of cheating just he didn't want autofire recordings to compete with non autofirers. I think we all must commend, praise, and award GK for actually stateing that he used AutoFire in the description.

Having accurate labels of which recordings are autofire or not helps the autofire detection development along nicely, Since it helps create a test suite of as many autofire types recorded.

-- Chad (, December 22, 1999.

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