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I have a recommendation for MUNI to help raise some financing: establish "MUNI Radio" - a MUNI run radio station that is broadcast on all buses and on the MUNI-metro and other vehicles.

With the upsurge in Internet companies in the Bay Area, radio advertsisng is now selling at upwards of $1200/60 seconds. This could represent a great source of capital for fixing MUNI. While many passengers might not like the idea of being "forced" to listen o MUNI-programming, they will suffer through it if it equates to a significant improvement in service.

I'd recommend programming a wide-mix of music, hiring celebrity DJs for the launch of the station and letting the public have as much input as possible in the programming (possibly through online polls?)

MUNI Radio could fast become an SF-institution. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

-- Brett Weiner (, December 17, 1999

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