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Does anybody have the length for 50 exposures?

I am thinking about loading it for my newly acquired Minox B. The Minox slitter I bought which costs me US150/- for a dealer who has the slitter for ages.

The slitter document states that the 15 exposures (32cm) and the 36 exposures (59 cm).


- w

-- C P Wong (, December 17, 1999


Re: slitter. It depends on which type is it.

If it is a ACMEL/MINOX slitter with a crank and three blades, or a slitter with cutting rollers and a knob, you get a bargain.

Film length: for 50 exp, the film length is 78cm.

-- martin tai (, December 17, 1999.

Hi Martin,

It's an ACMEL/Minox slitter (crank and 3 blade type). Also, I picked up some "recently" expired (Aug 99) Minocolor 100 pro film for less than US$3/roll. I need the cartridges...

Do you think I can load the Ilford Pan+ 50 into 50 exposure roll for the Minox?

Thanks for the answer and I'll be off shooting those "expired" films ...


-- C P Wong (, December 17, 1999.

C.P. You got a real bargain ! A new ACMEL/MINOX slitter sells for over $400.

Re: Ilford PAN F+, yes, you can load 50 exp into the Minox cassette.

But do you have an old version of Minox daylight tank ? New version takes only 36 exp .

-- martin tai (, December 17, 1999.


-- guess! (, March 19, 2001.

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