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See how Scaree Gary's prognostications hold up under the scrutiny of time. Not so well me thinks...

1. "Months before January 1, 2000, the world's stock markets will have crashed." (Paragraph 6).

2. "The exodus of programmers will begin no later than 1999." (Paragraph 5)

3. "The GPS rollover (to Jan. 6, 1980) on August 22, 1999, may create big problems for banks and bank wire transfers... My view: the banking system will be gone before y2k arrives."

4. "The Euro conversion is doomed. The deadline for stage one is January 1, 1999, and nobody has made it."

5. "Month by month, my former critics are moving my way. I'll be mainstream in a year." this one is especially funny... - 6-24-98

6. "In January, 1999, the Jo Anne effect will begin to take its toll. That's when corporate fiscal years start rolling into 2000." 8-29-98

7. "If the Jo Anne effect begins to create panic in the corridors of the corporate world, think of April 1, 1999, when the three major trading partners of the United States roll into fiscal 2000: Canada, Japan, and New York State." 8-29-98

8. Some major computer problems will begin in early 1999, growing worse in the fall of 1999. This gives us even less time to prepare.

-- Mystery Man (, December 15, 1999

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-- Buddy (, December 15, 1999

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