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Hi Guys,

My apologies for a semi-ACL/SAL question. Is there a Norfolk Southern (the original railroad) Historical Society? I have a "modern" green reflective metal sign saying "MIDDLESEX" from the Middlesex, NC depot. I acquired it from the late head of communications for NS. I would like to know more about the depot, etc. Many thanks, Marc

-- Marc L. Hamel (, December 15, 1999


There is no Norfolk Southern Historical Society. The closest would be the Southern Railway Historical Association, PO Box 33, Spencer, NC 28159. The station sign you have would have been placed on the depot after the Southern merger in 1974. The standard "modern" Southern Rwy. station sign would be green with or without a white trim with the station name in white. The last time I drove through Middlesex there was a small building which looked like a wooden freight station covered in corregated metal. There hasn't been an agent assigned there in decades, I believe.

-- Larry K. Neal, Jr. (, December 15, 1999.

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