Here is something I tried to explain to them about their Rules : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Deleted Thread : One Thread


You got me listed twice there under your "especially" category for people who aren't welcome here. I was posting under two names, (lead spammer? Hmmm, how quaint), and you@know.who, but the address for youknowwho was never "". That was just some other person who happened to use the same name but a different e-mail address. If Diane had ever really bothered to thinkt twice (or read ONCE) she would have known she was making a mistake. (Oh and by the way... how did those ISP Terms Of Service reports go, Diane? As far as I can tell those good folk at Mindspring don't give a rat's ass what you tell them about me, if in fact you told them anything at all. Just FYI)

Oh well, just wanted to point out that one again the Sysops are obviously not as bright as they would like to think.

Okay, that is all. I'm not "back" or anything, just wanted to once again shed a little light on the truth.

'Night kids, don't let the Y2K Bugs bite.


-- (, December 14, 1999

-- (, December 14, 1999

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