Y2k and commodity speculation.

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I believe you should buy out-of-the money options on a basket of commodities. Any Y2K related disruption in crude production will make the current value of warehoused commodities soar. Big Big inflation - exacerbated by this mindless priniting job the Fed has undertaken.

But physical ownership of commodities is the best bet as it seems the futures markets are heavily manipulated by the financial elites (remember the hoarding laws). So if you do speculate and make some dough, remember to take profits and buy physical gold, silver, platinum. etc. while the window to the public is still open.

Good luck! Ish

-- Ishkabibble (noula@home.com), December 14, 1999


Warning Re: Commodity Options

This investment assumes a freemarket response to shortages. You can count on the governments trying to stop this rise in commodities. Richardson at DOE is trying to now on oil. They have had plenty of time to plan for this - years. They will have looked at EVERYTHING that has been tried in the past - Price controls, rationing, nationalization, market manipulation by the Gvt.

That said, I do have a position because of these likely shortages.

-- ng (cantprovideemail@none.com), December 14, 1999.

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