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Anyone know about Maxivision48? Basiclly, it's a new film making method that plays 48 fps instead of 24. Has anyone ever seen a projection at 48fps or heard of it? I'd think it'd look too much like video but I've never seen it for myself. Any comments?

-- Stanley Unitas (, December 14, 1999


It looks fantastic, with brighter sharper images and much less strobing. It has a few flaws witch prevent its wide scale use though, the frame pull down is 3 perf(not 4) and its difficult to mod cameras and projectors to do this, it also uses 50% more film and you loose the analogue SR soundtrack, meaning the digital soundtrack has to be 100% realiable.

-- Phil Connolly (, November 06, 2000.

so what's up with Maxivision48? I'm just a lowly consumer, but this format looks great, but yet it doesn't seem to be getting any response or support! 24fps is just too damn slow. It always has been too slow.

-- someone (, February 21, 2003.

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