I wish I had known about this site months ago.

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Unfortunatley I could have provided tons of deleted threads and posts. Mot of which were fairly harmless. And a majority of which questioned the Sysops policy of routinely deleting my words, even when using several different handles on a server that gives me a new ISP every time I sign on.

I could not have possibly been identified as the same "spammer", and thereby falling prey to the "spammers be banned" rule. They were just going around hacking the posts up whenever they felt like there was some controversy brewing.

Some of things I said were really nothing more than something to the effect like " hey Sysops, you're wrong for doing this".

But when they are in a tizzy then nothing is safe. Since the new "Stealth Sysop" (I still don't understand the loic behind that) there has been nothing that anyone can do or say that is not deleted on sight. The simple rule is, if "THEY" don't like the content of it, it gets canned.

They act like that place is an ever evolving meeting place of like minded individuals who are uncovering the biggest coverup on the Earth piece by piece. But the censorship kills all change. How can anything change when you put limitations and boundries all over it? The censorship kills the very idea that new ideas can be posted.

The thing is that the new ideas are making them look very, very bad. And well, as you can imagine, they aren't going to sit around and have their business out under a bad light. Yes that's right, their business. Some of them are working for free and don't know it, but they are still working for a corporation to some extent.

Now that I've gotten so sick of them I won't post there anymore. So everything I once said is gone now and well that's alright. The truth is still out there, and more and more people are making a point to say something. One sad poster even said that it was noble to delete everything that didn't jive with their line of thnking because, get this, he considers them all to the "Paul Reveres" of the new world. All I can say is... HA!

Of course when you try and point out the hypocrisy comes the all too familiar call of "wow, the trolls sure are in numbers today". And then they all scream "DELETE THIS THREAD!", as if it were a cancerous tumor that had to be removed before it infected anyone else.

It sort of gives them a common enemy to fight, I guess. They need cheerleading and pep rallys as much as any organization I imagine. So they pick the people that have a clue about what the facts are, label them as POLLYS, and fight tooth and nail to save a dying idea that their miserable little lives will be suddenly and instantly inverted from some Y2K bug.

Bad news though. Come the new year and the following weeks they are going to have to make a decision. One they will not want to make and one many will NOT make, favoring the smoking barrel of a pistol against their heads instead of coming to grips with the inevitable;

"Do I go to work or not?".

And you can tell that by reading their posts this is exactly what drives them to believe the idea that Y2K is going to be reeeeellly bad. They have suffered under the illusions of capitalism more than anyone and they need to be redeemed. But falling into their own personality flaws, they wait for SOMETHING ELSE to set them free. They are the first ones to make fun of the "the herd", and how they cannont think for themselves. What ignorance!

Yeah sure they relish the idea of being self sustainable and living off the land. But will any of them do it unless forced? Nope. They will be watching HBO and sipping double mocha lattes for the next twenty years wondering how and why their lives have become so miserable. Wondering just HOW could THEY be living in such a horrible world when THEY are the ones who are the "Paul Reveres" of the new world. Now, I'm not a pyschiatrist, but it sure sounds like a case od chronic depression to me. Or as my mother used to say, "you got to quit your stinkin' thinkin'"..

Hey, here is the skinny on the situation. Change comes from within. If you want to change your world, then do it. Nobody is forcing you to be a slave to technology. You're doing it all by your own free will. Stop waiting for redemption to come to you and go find it yourself. The Doomers are the first ones to cry about how evil technology is, as they type away on their brand new Pentium III processors. Don't they realize that computers only do what PEOPLE tell them to do? If they want to wipe out the evil in the world then they need to look a little bit closer to where it starts, in their own minds.

With just 18 days left to the rollover, I cannot see how any reasonable person could think that Y2K is going to be anything more than a series of headaches and long hours of overtime. But I'm not complaining. At 40$ an hour to be a systems consultant I'll glady rack up a few dozen OT hours here and then. Hell, I even LIKE it. But then again, when I wake up and put on my suit to go to work, I feel good about myself. Because I'm not depressed, I don't have a bad attitude about the world.

Oh, and one more thing, just in case there are some Doomers reading this...

Those contrails in the sky?

Mix of water vapor and jet fuel exhaust. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes when they are in a certain position with the sun behind them they look like rainbows. Or sometimes they can be shadowy and look almost brown. I assure you thoungh, the colors are not indicative of the content. The color is a product of light refraction from the sun. I spent ten years in the aviation business servicing twin prop King Air airplanes. I know what they are, and have seen them up there since 1970. There is no conspiracy, you are NOT being sprayed. Please refer to your local yellow pages under THERAPIST if you feel that you are.

-- (Doomers@suck.com), December 13, 1999


don't worry it wasn't here months ago

-- Buddy (buddydc@go.com), December 22, 1999.

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