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Hello Eric,

I have a problem with restore a database. I have a database 'prod' with 750Mb of data and 250Mb of log. I create a new database with similar device, but when i try to restore it, i receive this message: [SQL Server] Read on dump on device D:\TEMP\backup.DAT failed, vsn=756 returns=-2. Please consult the SQL Server error log for more details. Error 926 :[SQL Server] Database production cannot be opened  it is in the middle of a load.

this is the result of Error log: 99/12/13 12:17:14.12 ods Using 'SSNMPN60.DLL' version '' to listen on '\\.\pipe\sql\query'. 99/12/13 12:17:14.98 spid1 Recovery complete. 99/12/13 12:17:15.08 spid1 SQL Server's default sort order is: 99/12/13 12:17:15.08 spid1 'nocase' (ID = 52) 99/12/13 12:17:15.08 spid1 on top of default character set: 99/12/13 12:17:15.08 spid1 'iso_1' (ID = 1) 99/12/13 12:17:15.13 spid1 Launched startup procedure 'sp_sqlregister' 99/12/13 13:07:02.26 kernel initializing virtual device 1, C:\prod_data_a15.DAT 99/12/13 13:07:22.43 kernel initializing virtual device 2, C:\prod_log_a15.DAT 99/12/13 13:22:00.77 spid13 Trying to read after End of Data 99/12/13 13:27:54.88 spid13 Trying to read after End of Data 99/12/13 13:29:44.38 spid13 Trying to read after End of Data

I use SQL Server6.5 and NT4.0. The backup has been doing with success by Networker.

Thanks for any help in advance

-- Anonymous, December 13, 1999



Since the db is in loading mode and you want to re-initialize the load, you might as well drop the database:


If that doesn't cut it:

sp_dbremove xxx



Loading is a database option, similar to "dbo use only", but it is not settable with sp_dboption. Another way of putting it is that these db status "codes" are stored in master..sysdatabases. Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, December 13, 1999

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