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I have made a text-widget with several lines en coloms and I want to check te input form keyboard inserted in the tekst-widget. If the inserted text in not allowed I want to correct this. Therefor I need to know the position of the last inserted character. Is is possible to get de current position as an index (line.char) of the last character inserted in text-widget from a keyboard and how can this be done ?

How can indices converted to screen-units and screen-units to indices ?

-- Martin Weterings (, December 13, 1999


Unfortunately, I don't know much about the text widget. And unfortunately this board doesn't get much activity, so I don't know how soon an answer is going to appear. However, you might ask the same question (perhaps with some sample code?) over on and see if an answer appears.

-- Larry W. Virden (, December 13, 1999.

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