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Hi, I have S-Mart now up and running, but I cannot get the credit card to verify from from ccverify.lib. I have set $useverify = 0; and have also tried it as =1; but to no avail, it still processes the order. The ccverify.lib is in the same directory as order.html, header/footer.html and the db. . I have also put a copy in the cgi-bin directory, and I have checked the permissions. Any ideas ??

Tks Russ Reynolds Australia

-- Russ Reynolds (, December 13, 1999


I've put the relevent section of the Credit Card Verification CGI commands at the very end of the S-MART CGI file and it worked.

It might not be right but at lease it worked.

God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, January 17, 2000.

russ your answear was not clear how did you do it,thanks!

-- bdrissi (, February 27, 2000.

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