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For the last time.

Invinco, invho2 and invds are only recordable on MAME33B04!!!!!!!!

So please, German Krol, Q.T. QUAZAR and others, delete your illegal recordings because they are obviously unplaybackable.


-- A.D.SAKURAGI (, December 12, 1999


A.D - Why don't you practice what you preach and remove your Cosmic Alien score. This game hasn't been able to record or playback since 0.34. It also ran a lot faster in older versions of MAME, thus making it a lot harder.. I'd like to see all inp's recorded after 0.34 be removed.

-- JSW (, December 13, 1999.

Well JSW, I playbacked my inp on cosmica and I found that....

It playbacks well.

So what is your problem? Try it and You will see it is the truth. If not, e-mail me.

About speed, I play at full frame-rate with my p2-333 on the major part of the games but I can not test all the version of mame to see the hardest.

In any case if you think there are some inp of mine that doesnt' playback please say it to me so I will reverify it.

-- A.D. SAKURAGI (, December 13, 1999.

Did you watch the whole recording? Your score ends on 9490, not the 11790 as you reported. Like I said, this game hasn't played back correctly since 0.34. I've tried all inps recorded after 0.34 and none of them work properly.

-- JSW (, December 13, 1999.

Wow, I'm really impressed now. I mean, really.

I don't care about A.D. In my eyes, he's cleaned up his act (mostly) and is as much a contributor as everyone else. And JSW, well, he's JSW. A fine player if ever I met one and a worthy adversary.

But seeing this thread just broke my heart. There are any number of so-called competitors in this arena that I would not hesitate to beat down severely by any means possible to show my contempt for what they stand for. But here, the white tower crumbles I suppose...

I'm not trying to make a dramatic exit. It's common knowledge that I've been disinterested in actually ~participating~ in MARP almost since tourney 2 started. I stick around #marp because I've made friends there and I've no desire to give that up just because my playground wasn't what I thought it was.

All I'm saying is that stuff like this makes me want to tell Zwaxy to give it up, dump the leaderboard and let the page be what he intended it to be in the first place; a learning tool for his web design skills. Screw it if people leave, I might come ~back~ if that happened. The sense of fun that used to be here has been lost in my eyes, replaced by a small group of individuals that see fit to bitch about every last thing. All I see anymore are pot/kettle/black comments.

Dude, it's just a game.


Continue? 9...8...

-- Brian McLean (, December 14, 1999.

Ok JSW, I playbacked my inp and sometimes the score is 11790 and sometimes not. If you playback it many times you' ll see this. In any case the screenshot sign the right score. Then I playbacked it with dos35 (about 10 times) and it was right. So please, playback it two or three times and say to me if it works well.

In response to Brian, I deleted many of my inps (broken inp,broken games ecc.,autocutoff for games with 0-4 leaderboard points) choosing quality and not quantity and for the same reason before to upload something else I am waiting the marp version of mame.

Another reason is that i tried to do the record on abaseb passing some hours playing it. My best score was 4. When I knew that the score of 11 was done with a slow cpu I stopped trying because I don't want to lose my time trying to break records that have too hig score only because they are recorded with slow pc.

-- A.D. SAKURAGI (, December 15, 1999.

A.D - I tried it a few times on win 0.35 with mixed results, then tried it again on 0.35 dos and after a few tries it worked.. What a strange recording quirk, I never had any doubt that you got the score, only that if we are to go by the premise that all games that can't playback be removed, then Cosmic Alien be one of those games, although it appears to work sometimes...

-- JSW (, December 15, 1999.

wakukwau7 and flipshot is another game that sometimes plays back or not, i think it depends on the recording input not being the true seed to generate the randomness games need. Some of these recordings can be played back once and then never played back again, to a terrible dismay of mine! Cosmic alien seems to have this quirk as well, but seems to be at least playbackable by more than one person, which puts it on a class above the two games i've mentioned. although recently the wakuwak7 recordings i've made have been playbackable all times played back but i haven't beaten fernandeath on one credit yet!

I believe recordings that are "sometimes" playbackable are really not playbackable, since who wants to playback something 10 times just to see it once. I've zeroed out my flipshot score (but keep making a recording every beta just in case it's fixed so i can upload it again.) I think my wakuwak7 score up there now does playback in the stable version of m35b10, but no one has confirmed it yet.

-- Chad (, December 15, 1999.

I thought that with dos35 my inp was playbackable but this is not right so I deleted him.

-- A.D. SAKURAGI (, December 16, 1999.

It seems that the only effect of my message is that I deleted my record on cosmica. Not bad. :(

-- A.D. SAKURAGI (, December 16, 1999.

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