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I am planning to scratchbuild an HO scale model of one of Southern's "mid-train slave units" (radio cars). Other than a couple of photos that I have found on the net and other publications, I can't find much information on these cars. I would really like to have dimensions from the builder's plans. I know that it is unlikely that I can find those anywhere, but I am looking nonetheless. I am also looking for photos of these cars that show all four sides. Can anyone help me in finding any of the aforementioned resources. Also, I was reading in another message in this forum posted in 1998, that Jim King of Smokey Mountain Model Works had finished the masters for a resin kit of one of these cars, but hadn't released them because of a lack of interest. Does anyone know of the status of that bit of information? Just curious. Thanks in advance for any information!

Scott Marion

-- Scott Marion (, December 12, 1999


Scott--contact Jim King at maybe he will be able to help by sypplying info or diagrams--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, December 12, 1999.

Scott, Several years ago Overland Models did a series of brass Radio Control cars painted and letter for the Southern and N S ( Southern reporting marks ) These were made by Ajin and the stock number is OMI- 3286. You may find some around at the shows or swap meets. Overland must have had some plans etc. Good luck. Bill Jones

-- Bill Jones (, January 02, 2000.

Original mid-train units were converted from FT locomotive bodies. All were converted or constructed by railroad and were primarily a carbody with no side doors or windows and with end doors for access. Only special feature was standard locomotive MU electrical receptacle and MU air lines to connect to mid-train power. They resembled a box car with standard Southern (large SOUTHERN centered on car with large Number below) in standard box car red.

-- D. H. Noble (, October 17, 2001.

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