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HUBERT E. HECKMANN: MINOX Variations in 8x11.

In 1995, Minox GmbH issued a 50 years Minox Anniversary editon of Hubert Heckmann's first English edition "MINOX Variations in 8x11". The book begins with a preface by then 90 years gold Minox inventor Walter Zapp. Walter Zapp wrote "After reviewing the manuscript, I can vouch for the book's authenticity". Heckmann's book gives an detailed account about the history of Minox camera, from its conceptual design to first production model in Riga Latvia, complete with original patent specifications, drawings, and ealiest Minox picture taken by Walter Zapp, even a portrait of young Walter taken with prototype Minox. Heckmann described in detail all Minox cameras, including some 35mm cameras, Minox accessries, copying equipment, darkroom equipment, film storage and projection, sales material and advertisements. Most interesting is a detail account of all variations of Minox cameras. This book is an authentic book for Minox collectors and photographers. The book has 191 pages, full of color and BW pictures about Minox cameras and accessory and historical materials. Minox Variations in 8x11 is an important addition to Minoxology.

This book is available from MPL

-- martin tai (, December 11, 1999


Unlike other Minox history book, H. Heckmann's MINOX Variations in 8x11 has a preface by the inventor of Minox camera: Walter Zapp.

Walter Zapp wrote: "After Reviewing the manuscript, I can Vouch for the book's authenticity.

There is no doubt, this book is the most authentic work on Minox.

Before this work, the phrase "Minox 9.5mm" was used widely; after Heckmann's work, the phrase "Minox 8x11" become dominant.

A search on the web will show that "Minox 9.5mm" (orginated from Mose's book ) is used only by a handful of people in contrast to the phrase "Minox 8x11"

Obviously Walter Zapp did not approve the Minox -9.5mm connection.

-- martin tai (, December 11, 1999.

Pictures taken with Minox in H.Heckmann's book

  1. Tallinn in 1936. Ur-Minox
  2. Photo of Eduard Petters, Ur-Minox
  3. Walter Zapp 1936, Ur-Minox
  4. Richard Jurgen, 1936, Ur-Minox.
  5. Bearded old mam, 1936, Ur-Minox.
  6. A girl playing at the beach , 1936, Ur-Minox
  7. Landscape near Riga, 1938, taken by Walter Zapp with Riga Minox

-- martin tai (, December 16, 1999.

Pictures of Walter Zapp

  1. Walter Zapp holding Ur-Minox ,1988
  2. Walter Zapp in 1936
  3. Walter Zapp and his design team in Tallin 1936
  4. Walter Zapp in Heuchelheim factory 1951
  5. Walter Zapp and Professor Josef Stuper, 1952
  6. Walter Zapp focusing Minox enlarger model II, 1951
  7. Walter Zapp holding a Minox III 1966

-- martin tai (, December 16, 1999.

MINOX VARIATION IN 8X11 Table of Content

-- martin tai (, April 20, 2001.

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