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I have had a mortgage for some years with this company and fallen into arrears over a period while reduced payments have been accepted. Due to freelance/contract work and dire cash flow over the past few months, I have reneged on payments, but have just got a decent job etc. Anyway, on speaking with them yesterday to let them know that the outstanding payment schedule was about to be reinstated. They informed me on the phone i: they would go ahead with action uless #7,000 was paid by 31/12/99 and full payments #2,000 per month commenced in january they were going ahead with the action as "it is clear that I can nolonger afford to live where I do".

I am upset, panicked and desperate to save my home. I would then attempt renegotitation of my mortgage etc mid next year (with anyone that I can).

I need to save the situation, but am unsure of the way forward or even what to say to these remote Solihull people who sit in judgement, giving grief and making up policy as they feel at my expense.

Advice please on how to re-approach them or who I can speak with to intervene on my behalf would be gratefully appreciated urgently.

-- Juliet Franks (, December 11, 1999


If you are making payments it is very unlikely that a judge would grant their repossession order.

The exact rules vary... you need to get advice tailored to your situation. See the Who Helps? section of the site or try your local CAB.

Good luck


-- Lee (, December 15, 1999.

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