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I am a free lance camera man living in Manhattan. I have ten years working experiences as a camera man and director in China and in the united states. I am working on my own DV film project now and at the same time I would like to work with other people. I have my own DX1000 camera. Below are my major works. If you have interests working with me, email me. My email address is

1989 Assistant camera man in "Ju Dou". A feature film director by Yimo Zhang. The movie was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film for the 63rd Oscar Academy Award in 1991. 1989 DP&production manager for documentary film "On the spot report of shooting Ju Dou." 1990-95 director and DP for 80 MTVs. 1991 director&DP for commercial movies "Eastern Enterprises" and "Golden Cup Passenger Transport." 1992 playwrite for "this world, this life." 1993 DP for documentary film "Lady Jian-Hua.(paper cutting artist)", playwrite for 20-episode TV series " You Don't Have to Care." 1994 dorector and chief camera man for documentary film "Grandma." 1995 DP for documentary film "The Last Matriarchal Society." 1996 DP for ten episode TV series " Magical Medicine in China." 1996-97 director and camera man for documentary film "The Investigation Report about Li-Hui." 1996 invited to be the director and camera man for documentary film " Love on this Small Land" in Hong Kong. 1997 playwrite for 8-episode TV music and dance drama " King of Opera." 1997 invited as camera man to shoot documentary film " Switzerland" in Switzerland. 1998 April invited to attend San Francisco International Film Festival in San Francisco. CA and invited to shoot documentary film about John Woo in Hollywood, CA. 1998 Sep. invited by Paramount Film Company as camera man for the documentary film "GM and the world." 1999 up till now, working as a DP for several documentary films for PBS. And I am shooting and writing a screenplay for my movie now.

-- Feng Yan (, December 11, 1999

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