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What's this new JVC GY-DV500 supposed to be like? I've heard the Cannon XL-1 pales in comparsion. The one report I read stated that it is THE new camera for independent film. What's up?

-- Christopher Jones (, December 11, 1999


Ya, I own one of these cameras and am very happy. The only thing that gets annoying is that because the camera is still somewhat new and the XL 1 is still so popular; it is often harder to find articles and sites online that give info on lense gear and stuff. The camera is by far the best thing in its price range!!! I have shot with both the XL1 and the dv500, and while the XL1 has pretty good quality, the dv500's bayonet mounted lense is just the best thing since sliced bread!!! I can't say enough. Yes you are going to pay more for this thing, but it would be a bargan at twice the price!!! If you care so much about the Frame Movie Mode option of cannon or sony cameras, I suggest you use a less expensive GL1 as a second camera. With its smooth zoom and crisp easy manual focus, the JVC gy dv500 is the cameraman's camera!!!!

-- Perry Auch (, November 21, 2000.

ok so i'm in two minds here which should I buy does the gy 500 have this gracious movie mode and does the gl1 take the pressure of travel because I play in a rock band and would like to know if I should take the camera on tour with me.

-- peter c (, March 05, 2001.

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