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I see this post being made on the "new to y2k" and "14 day prep" threads. It is NOT being deleted. Maybe this should just be put into each new thread, to help any newcomers from being decieved by extremist propoganda by giving some balance?


Hi "newbies" :)

To let you know, this forum has some good information....you will need to consult the archives. There are some good technical threads (posted by those with actual y2k remediation experience)...you will need to check the credentials of many of the posters, though...there are quite a few who don't even work in the computer industry that will tell you the world is going to come crashing down next month (or in the months to come).


There are other sites that deal with y2k in less.....conspiracy driven tones (GRIN) Here are a few links for you to check out on your own:

Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot Homepage - Gary North is the father of y2k hysteria. Were you aware that Mr. North is a Christian reconstructionist who desires that the fractional reserve banking system fail, taking western civilization with it, so he and his fellows can establish a Church State? There are other links from this page, which deal with North's religious agenda; also a forum where y2khype and its motivation can be researched.

Debunking y2k a webboard where y2k is discussed....the very top portion of this board has multiple links to other y2k sites....both pro and con. (I won't flood this post with those links, since you can research for yourself)

CCMag- Steve Hewitt For any Christians interested in balanced y2k reporting and information.


Maybe a good strategy for the "final days" before roll-over?

-- nobody (no-where@t.all), December 10, 1999


great work, wished I had seen it before the rollover, I would have posted it to TB2000. Regards,

-- FactFinder (FactFinder@bzn.com), January 15, 2000.

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