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Hi Walter,

Anything afoot w/ the Bermuda Stock Exchange? The, um, elevator in my partner's office tower just reported that the Exchange was down...something about dates coming across as 1900 rather than 2000.

Can you verify? Many thanks.

-- silver ion (wh@tsup.there), December 10, 1999


silver ion: ummm,I don't quite get the part about the elevator reporting this to you,but check "YEAR 2000 COMPUTER BUG BITES" from Taxman, a few posts down from this one. I'll check back here if you've got further queries (if I can answer them, that is!)

on de rock

-- Walter (on de, December 10, 1999.

Hi Walter, thanks for responding. A monitor in the elevator is my partner's main source of news and commentary during the day. I think it's rather like the sentient digital freeway sign in the Steve Martin movie (LA Story?).

SYSOPS: this is covered elsewhere, please delete this thread.

-- silver ion (got@it.thanks), December 10, 1999.

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