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I'm preparing to shoot a dramatic feature on DV in the next few months. As most people I want it to look as close to film as humanly possible. How does DV work in low light situations and high contrast?i.e. dark shadows in b.g., etc? Also, which cameras do you recommend? The Canon XL-1 and the Sony DX1000 seem to keep popping up on this board. How are they? Thanks a lot.

-- J.C. August (, December 09, 1999


The cannonXL1 is good, if you like shit. Why don't you stick with film you fuckin queer. Video is for pussies. And now you're for pussies.

-- Jonathen Jaylor (, December 11, 1999.

A low contrast filter can help. I have one, also zebra stripes, which the 900 has. And of course good lighting

-- Nathaniel (, December 13, 1999.

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