What about the GL1?

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I know that the XL1 is supposed to be the best camera but what about the GL1? If you had to buy a camera other than the XL1 what would you buy? the VX1000 or the GL1?

-- Heather Finnegan (1hgirl@gte.net), December 08, 1999


The sony VX1000 ($3700) is $1400 more then the the Gl-1 ($2300) and the Gl-1 has very nice pictures. The 3.5" flip out screen is a nice feature that the sony VX1000 does not have. If you think about the VX1000 just buy the XL-1 it's the same price.

-- James IV (One100films@aol.com), January 23, 2000.

I had a vx1000 in my hands for 2 weeks after that I returned it because I am in europe and the european version does NOT have dv-in and the guy couldn't get an activation widget for it (Serial n. too high). I now have a gl-1. I cannot tell the difference between the two images so neither can 99% of your target audience. Here in europe the xl1 costs 5000$, the vx1 2700$ and the gl-1 2500$. So the vx1 and xl1 are not competitors. The gl1 is just like the xl1 but not as good in dark light (again if you are not a bat you can't see it and neither can your friends). also you can't change the lens. The main disadvantage is that you look like a tourist not like a director because the xl1 looks MUCH cooler. If that's worth 2500$ to you go with the xl1. The gl1 looks ok even though it's smaller. It feels really fragile in the hand though, the vx1000 felt much more robust (and your arm hurts and the steadicam you need costs much more). The viewfinder in the gl1 is much smaller than the vx1000 and the plastic around it hurts so you never use it. you use the lcd instead which makes things look better than they will on tv (but I have a 1982 tv so that could also affect the result). Write for more info...


-- cv (curzio@hotmail.com), March 05, 2000.

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