pulled this post from my cache after it dissapeared from TB2000 -- guess they don't like to see doomer quotes -- brings to mind what the ddomilts and gloomlits are really like!

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The inherent ugliness of the preparation movement - Vote for your favorite.

greenspun.com : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

A short compendium of statements made by the kind folks who populate this forum. Not a definitive list, but rather a small sample of the inherent evil known as Doomerdom


rumpled foreskin (hillarysucks@lesbo.org), December 01, 1999.

"Amen. That's how I figure I'll end up with my NV. And a new weapon or two. I know they don't want to come to Idaho. We're ready.

anonymous (anonymous@anonymous.com), December 01, 1999.

"Do I wish to see the present Federal governmnet completely disemboweled? Yes, absolutely"

Paul Milne (fedinfo@halifax.com), July 05, 1999.

"I hope ALL democrats die in Y2K.

-- goldbug (goldbug@mint.com), December 07, 1999.

"Another Polly is dead. Good riddance. The rest will follow shortly anyway when TSHTF."

(its@coming.soon), August 15, 1999.

"Just about any sacrifice is worth getting rid of it (federal government) and moving BACK to a Constitutional republic with extremely limited Federal government powers. Even if it means the decimation of the population. If the population is 'content' to live under this tyranny, then they deserve to be wiped out as a result of Y2k. They do not deserve to call themselves 'Americans' because they have not the first clue what an 'American' is."

Paul Milne, August 1, 1999.

"If the government becomes a tyranny, it needs to be destroyed. If the majority of those people support that tyranny, then they need to go too."

Milne, November 7,, 1999.

"I don't know about you all, but I'm right tired of the world as we know it....Can't wait for the sound of them cosmic keys jingling and that big voice boomin' across the skies, "Gentlemen....its closin' time." and the Spirit andmthe bride say, "Come, Lord Jesus!"

Jay Urban (Jayho99@aol.com), November 01, 1999

"This culture offers us corporate slavery and snickers bars, two car garages and shiney chains. The people are such contented cattle they'll never wake up to the fact that we need a revolution.I pray that y2k will bring teotwaWki bad enough that we loose the trust that has enabled us to be so complacently enslaved.Our numbers are too high anyway,if our species is lucky it'll be a few billion dead and not just a few million.The species doesn't need you or me just enough genetic diversity to ensure survival.Maybe then our species won't suicide like it appears to be so eager to do."

I pray for TEOTWAWKI (hopeful@doome.r), November 01, 1999.

"I would like to know if us on the West coast will ba ablle to see New York City go down when the ball falls in time square?"

Larry Lamb (gfmd@tgi.net), November 02, 1999.

"As long as "diversity" (3rd-world immigration) and "multi- culturalism" (anything goes) continues the USA will continue to drift from being a Christian (like it or not) cohesive nation to New World Odor"

Anonymous99 (Anonymous99@Anonymous99.xxx), September 09, 1999.

"People who want to survive Y2K should be prepared to kill."

(its@coming.soon), July 27, 1999.

"So, of course I want to see y2k bring down the system, all over the world. I have hoped for this all of my adult life." -- Gary North

"Nobody gives a flying f*** what you pollies post anyway. Life is to short, quit wasteing your time. The gene pool will be cleansed soon enough."

FLAMEAWAY (blehman202@aol.com), November 05, 1999.

"To be honest, the first one that is able to rend the mainstream press mute, would be one of the greatest American Heroes since Washington."

INVAR (gundark@sw.net), November 07, 1999.

"Noah didn't open the ark doors after it started raining and I don't plan on opening my doors either. Those pollies will have to die, just as they did in Noah's day."

Larry (cobol.programmer@usa.net), November 15, 1999.

"The government "strategy" seems most suited to facilitating a 5 to 7 scenario.

This is why I often root for a 9 or a 10. Time to thin the herd (flock), and hopefully take the shepherd, also. "

A (A@AisA.com), November 25, 1999.

"Klinton's plan is simple. He will turn out the power in NYC when the ball drops. Then declare martial law to stop the riots. Special UN troops will spread across the country burning and looting in each time zone as the hour passes and the lights are turned off. By Saturday noon, it will all be over.

Better be ready for the resistance movement."


"Check www.garynorth.com under martial law. Klinton is ready to make his move using Y2K chaos as cover to impose UN control over America. Its guaranteed this was all predicted in the BIBLE and now it comes to pass!

Klinton has ruined this country over past 8 years. Economically and socially the country is in tatters and depression, never has this country been in worser shape than now. No one can get a job, immorality and vice and drugs are everywhere. Klinton destroyed our armed forces, he even gave the atom bomb to Red China! And he did NOTHING about Y2K! Why? Because Y2K chaos is his chance to take over the country! Everyone knows this but no one did anything to stop him! Now Klinton, along with liberals and Jewish anti-Christian media are ready to make their move. Check out sightings. Check out troop movements of UN and NWO forces throughout the country. In San Diego they are building concentration camps. I saw them myself! UN vehichles are being stored in Texas. NATO troops have been sited in Modesto, making their move. Check our gary north for the details. And in 5 weeks the Y2K bug will devaste this country like nothing ever before giving perfect chance for,Klinton and Jewish liberals to make their move and enslave America and patriats. It has finally come to this.

Get your guns, your beans and your Bibles out. When UN and NATO troops make their move be prepared to resist their satantic push for world domination. Ferret out all non-chrisitan traitors. Lock and load, and close ranks!"

-- Cal Talit (ctal@apple.com), November 25, 1999

-- Library Larry (hiding@fromtinfoils.com), December 08, 1999

-- hahahahaha (haha@haha.com), December 08, 1999


Of course not; yet they'll leave up the cannibalism thread and all the "I'll shoot any polly who comes begging", etc.

Losers. In every conceivable way.

Not to worry; now you have a place to post all the stuff they don't want anyone to see.

-- Patricia (dont.even.think@bout.it), December 14, 1999.

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