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I am traveling next Monday from Washington, DC to Kissimmee, Fl and back by train. I will be on the Silver Star. I recently bought a scanner and would like to know some of the frequencies used by CSX/Amtrak along the line I will be traveling. I have been unable to obtain this information locally. If someone could help it would save me time next week and avoid having to contact railroad employees.

-- Robert J. Stewart (, December 08, 1999


Channel 49 (private) is 160.845. You will need this to hear operations at the Jax. Amtrak Station and the back up move at Tampa.

-- Jim Coviello (, June 18, 2001.

Specifically, Robert you can tune to 160.590 and 161.100 for the most CSX traffic, that's the old CH 1 and CH 2, there are others. The Amtrak trains usually stay on the freq of the territory they are traversing and they have a "private" channel the go to when making switching or back-up moves into a station (89-90) at TAmpa, that's AAR 49, don't know what that is in Mhz offhand. Hope you have an enjoyable trip.

-- walt rogers (, June 11, 2001.

Scroll down the list on the Q&A forum until you get to "Odds and Ends" and find the question "RR Frequencies" Several have answered your question there including myself.

-- jim coviello (, December 08, 1999.

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