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I have been working with transfers a little and was wondering when making an image transfer from a slide printer how long after the polaroid is taken should I begin the transfer for the sharpest resolution? I was also consitering purchasing a slide printer. Do you recommend any? And if so what type of film is best suited for printer, if any?

-- Kurt Marsh Hedenberg (, December 08, 1999


My typical time between processing Polaroid film and peeling off the negative is somewhere between 12 and 25 seconds. I don't think that it really affects the sharpness of transfer, just colors. The sharpness is more influenced by your receptor surface, e.g. wet or dry transfer, hot or cold press watercolor paper, etc.

I am recommending Daylab slide printer which can be used with different bases for different film format and has croping capability. I am using 4x5 (film type 59), 8x10 (film type 809), and additionally SX-70 base. All these Polaroid films ending with "9" are the same film just in different format.

You can check the Daylab web page (link is in my Polaroid transfer resources).

-- Marek Uliasz (, December 08, 1999.

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