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check out this one...

-- Anonymous, December 07, 1999



Contributing here to an older thread, I hope there's no problem with it. I wanted to correct some information. The 'old' logo (the ornate head of Ajax from the 25th anniversary plate) was inaugurated in 1928. From 1900-1928 they used a different logo, which had a player in a circle that said "Amst. Football-Club Ajax" on it. From 1900- 1911 the club kit was like Sparta Rotterdam's kit today (red-white stripes with black shorts). After the change to the current white-red- white shirt and white shorts in 1911, I think they changed the kit design on the logo to match.

If anyone wants to see the logos, just email me privately and ask.

Tot ziens! Michael Raney

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2002

Response to The real AJAX logo...

It is pretty obvious, now when you go to a match in Amsterdam about half the people in the stadium wear something with the old logo, the black cap is the most popular. I hope the people in charge understand that the old logo is even commercialy much more attractive.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2000

Response to The real AJAX logo...

On March 18 Ajax will start celebrating its centenary. Last week a catalogue of special centenary merchandise was presented. After requests by lots of supporters, Ajax has decided to sell caps, scarfs and other stuff with the old, original logo - during a limited period of time. You can check out the 'old school' stuff on

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2000

Response to The real AJAX logo...

The old Ajax logo was replaced by the new one a couple of years ago, because the old, classical one becomes a hardly recognizable, vague, grey spot, watching it from long distance or on television. The new logo is a simple version of the old one, made out of eleven stripes. Most Ajax supporters, traditional as they are, like the old one much better. Pascal Stil is apparently one of them. Me? I don't give a shit, basically...

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2000

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