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I compete in olympic weightlifting and don't have any medical insurence. I snatched a heavy weight and inadvertly I round up my lower back. I felt fine til a couple of hours later in my house where I felt back spasms and tightness on my lower left back. well, I took a week off from training and did lower back stretches. I went back to trining and felt fine until I my back spasms and tightness came back five days after I continue my trining. So I again did more lower stretches. After the second day of doing this I felt sharp pain in my whole lower back and was not able to sleep.Did I cause disc damage?TO counteract the pain I,m doing light low impact back exercises. So far it relieve some fo the pain.Am I doing the right thing?And in hindsight what cause my injury was poor lifting technique. Please help!

-- alfrd vinueza (, December 07, 1999


Hi, Yes you can cause a slip disc by over stretching a pull muscle . I did did that 2 day ago and what pain it is .You can have an MRI done to detect it. As plenty of bed rest is all that will fix the back unless you need surgery.Good luck...

-- lisa (, January 27, 2001.

yes. a slip disc can be caused by over stretching a muscle in spasm. in fact i have recently suffered from the same problem. I had a muscular spasm, and instead of resting, i have been over-exerting, to this result. it is advisable to take complete rest till the pain subsides, and then follow it up with excercises to release the spasm.

-- aparna sharma (, December 10, 2001.

Hi, i am a 26 yr old guy, love riding bike & driving & gyming (carrying weights). Have been driving since 16 yrs of age. 3 years back i met with an accident while i was on the bike and ever since i've had this back problem (lower back), and few months after that on my birthday due to the birthday bumps it aggrevated. After which also i did not bother much. used to ride bikes and carry weights even with the pain persisting with the result that i cud not stand staraight. Today i get to know that i goat slip-disc, and have to be admitted in the hospital and take complete bed rest for 10 days and undergo Traction. my Question is?? 1. will i be able to ride bikes? 2. will i be able to carry weights? 3. what precautionary step should i take to avoid this in future.? 4. can this be completed healed, so that i do not get this in future? 5. Deit, any specific diet?? cause in my everyday meal red-meat is included. 6. Can execrise help?? what kind of exercise?? 7. And for how long will i have to take rest .. coz i have to get back to work too. my job involves lot of travelling, bending, walking coz am working with an Even Management Co. which keeps me on my feet all the time.

pls reply as soon as possible.

Thanking you, Regards / Shanenock

-- Shanenock Nevis (, February 15, 2002.

I hurt my back lifting a heavy weight at home i picked up a laundry bag quickly and turned from this i have since suffered with severe lower back pain . To releave this i try reguraly to go swimming i find this helps .I no i need reguler visio for this but cant always afford this .Can you tell me is this a slip disc ,what are the symptons ot this . Regards Regina

-- Regina McGrath (, March 28, 2003.

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