Division Designation Symbols

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This is related to my other question under Southern Divisions. There were a series of letters that were used on 70's and 80's era diesels (not the subsidiary stencil). They were placed immediately following the road number on the side of the cab. A single letter was used (out of about 12 possible). I believe that these were used to designate the division the unit was assigned to. Does anyone have a list of what those letters mean (ie. which letter corresponds to which district) ?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks, Rick

-- Rick Duplechin (Duper1962@aol.com), December 06, 1999


Rick--those were called computer check codes and had nothing to do with division assignments. They are sort of like a check digit in computers and were used to confirm locomotive number reports. Each was assigned based on a complicated calculation using the numbers in the unit number. This is explained on Steve Smiths web page at http://www.sourwy.railfan.net/sr1.html

-- Larry Puckett (ljpuckett@msn.com), December 06, 1999.

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