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In a couple of weeks i4m starting the shooting of my first dv long feature film. I will use the DSR-200AP. I don4t know much about this camera. The image quality is worst if you shoot in 16:9? Will I need a DAT or the camera has a good sound recording system ? Any kind of information about the DSR 200 will help me.

-- francisco varone (panchovarone@uol.com.ar), December 05, 1999


The DSR200 cant shoot true 16.9 because its built around a 4.3 CCD. Although you can switch it to 16.9 and post in 16.9 at 1024 x 576, the quality you loose is around 30% because the camera has to digital alter a 4.3 image. Audio is okay as long as are using a decent boom or radio mic and your levels are ajusted manually, Dat would be the best way ultimately if you had the experienecd sound tec. The 200 was my first camera I bought about 7 years ago, we now use the DSR570. There are many new camera coming on the market that can shoot true 16.9 that half the price of the 20 when it was new. Good luck.

-- Gary Parkinson (motionstudios@gnetech.com), December 12, 2004.

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