Did Elaine leave?

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That woman who was played by Rebecca D, did she leave for Europe or whereever she was going? They never said, only showed Carter going to her apartment and showing her he didn't care if one of her breast's was removed. I'm glad there showing Carter's nice side again, but why are they having him act like such an idiot in front of Ramono, be mean and underestimating Dave and have him be like an annoying eager puppy again. I liked his character back when he was just becoming a surgen.


-- Heather (Aphotic13@scififan.com), December 05, 1999


Response to Did that friend of Carter's leave?

They never did tell us if she went to Europe or not. Last we saw(or heard) was them getting very cozy at her apartment. I've really enjoyed Carter this season. He has not been an idiot in front of Romano. He has not been mean to Dave either. He was just curious as to why Dave knew about that rare disease. The reason being it is very common where Dave went to medical school. I've enjoyed watching Carter mature over the years. I did not like how badly they wrote him last season. They are really writing him much better this season. He has really turned into a caring and competent doctor. I loved him as a medical student , but I no longer want to see him as one. I've loved watching him grow as a person and as a doctor. I look forward to seeing the continuation of this growth. Carter was much more like an eager puppy when he just became a doctor than he his now.

-- Brenda (mallb@sunherald.infi.net), December 09, 1999.

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