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I just found a Minox B. The light meter seems to work but I don't know how good? Is there anyway to check to see if its working? How? Does it have a battery? If so where and how can I get to it? What type is it?


-- Miguel (, December 05, 1999


Miguel, Minox B is a mechanical camera, it uses no battery. The exposure meter is selenium meter

Read the following threads:

Read also the online Minox B manual, at

The URL of the B manual was given in "Using the Minox B meter"

-- martin tai (, December 05, 1999.

You just answered my first question. My Minox B doesn't need a battery. What flash attachments are available? Where can I get one?

-- Barry A. Cruikshank (, December 26, 2000.

Barry, there are two flash units that fits Minox B 1) Minox B bulb flash, which uses AG1 flash bulb, and may be hard to find 2) Minox 8x11 electronics flash. It is a tiny electronic flash for use with Minox EC, but you can buy an adapter such that it can be used on Minox B an other Minox 8x11 cameras. You can bet Minox 8x11 flash from or

-- martin tai (, December 26, 2000.

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