Edeting PAL DV with American PC's

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I whant to get a PAL mini DV camera here in the U.S. & then do the NLE on an american laptop using Adobe Premier and the firewire, will there be any problems with this? Thanks so much for your help.

-- Armando Escalante (huazamotocora@hotmail.com), December 04, 1999


I live in the states and own a Sony VX2000E... You'll have NO problems editing on a computer. Currently my FireWire port is down and I've resorted to Analog for some tests on a new production. Remember capturing Analog isn't capturing "true" analog, it s capturing digitized FRAMES you really don't have to deal with feilds even. I think I'm spelling analog wrong... oh well it's late! Anyways remember there are no such things as European 1's and 0's so PAL away! You can't review footage on a NTSC TV and thats about it.

-- Jeff (Jtmcgoo@aol.com), October 20, 2002.

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