What kind of doctor is Luka Kovac?

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Does anyone know what Dr. Kovac's specialty is? I would guess emergency medicine or something, because he performed a thoracotomy on Sandra in "Humpty Dumpty," but I don't know. Also, is he a resident or an attending physician? I read on one website that he was a second-year resident, but the ertv website calls him both an attending physician and a physician's assistant. According to the FAQ for this site, a resident reports to an attending physician, but is the description given by ertv (http://www.ertv.com) contradictory? Can someone be both an attending physician and a physician's assistant? Please clear up this confusion.

-- Jaime Jeske (jaimej78@hotmail.com), December 04, 1999


If tonite's eppy indicates anything, he's an attending. Now what *kind* of attending (pedes, emergency) I don't know. But when Carol asked for an attending to see her babies (a certain rabid fanclub must be having palpitations-heaven forbid Luka should have anyone so much as SPEAK to him), he showed up. "People" called him a pedes doc, but they may be confusing him with that guy that left last year...you know, whatsisname...the one who didn't seem to be all that broken up about leaving the woman he "loved" (that's just my opinion). I mean, he coulda *cried* or convinced her to come with him. Instead, he played a game of basketball w/ Mark & then apparently jumped on a plane for points Northwest. Surely someone remembers him? I'm glad that in a few more months, *I* can forget he ever existed.

-- SLJ (miesque@looksmart.com), December 17, 1999.

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