pushing fortepan 400

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Deos anyone has any experience with fortepan 400? there is nothing online. I shot my first roll & sent it to the lab & it came flat. I don'e know if it was the lab's fault( most propably, yes), or is it a low conntrast film. Now I want to push my second one- to3600- but I need a guide, and the sheet that comes with the film says nothing about pushing.


-- ahmad hosni (xosni@gega.net), December 04, 1999


I shot several rolls of Fortepan 400 - no problems with flatness. This may not make a difference, but the suggested EI for the film is 400 indoors and 200 outdoors.

-- Christopher Hargens (ldmr@cruzio.com), January 04, 2000.

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