Were you ever surprised how much you were loved?

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Were you ever surprised how much you were loved? Or were you ever saddened to find how much you were not loved?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), December 03, 1999


Honestly . . . I feel very alone in this world and find myself reaching out for others due to the lack of others reaching for me. No. Not a pity party. Just fact.

But, in my reaching out I have amazed myself at my ability/gift of being able to love someone who others might not want to love.

The love I recieve from those people can be the best and most complete love available on this earth. That is not surprising at all.

My advise to others? Reach out when others don't reach for you.

-- Tracey (arnoldin@toolcity.net), December 04, 1999.

Unfortunately, recent experiences have shown the second question, more than the first. Being in a group of friends where everyone makes mistakes, everyone screws up, everyone hurts someone else, and being the one that is outcast for it hurts.

Especially when these were the same people that I could think of on any occasion that I was feeling down and needing to rmeember that I was loved.

I am *always* and prolly always will be amazed by how much my husband loves me. I am forever grateful for that love. Otherwise, the saddness which grips me from the loss of my friends would be deathlike, in so many more ways than one.

-- Optic (Jolene@lanset.com), December 17, 1999.

the big surprise for me is thinking of my past actions and bad habits and seeing that i am still loved. it is the most thrilling thing in the world to realize that people will overlook your faults and love you in spite of your curmudgeon- like ways.

-- ici jongleur (ionoi@webtv.net), January 05, 2000.

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