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Is it just me or is this lurid pokemon gimmick starting to frazzle you, re: the skit on SNL etc. Our neighbor's son was accosted on a plane by an aggressive 8 yr old "trader" demanding a card or else. "Daddy make him trade it to me etc." Have also heard intimidation on the playground, boys bathrooms at school. My son informs me one boy got $110 for a single card and bought the hot James Bond (MI5/CIA propaganda)video shoot em up fantasy. Media has done a great job of turning our children into little Gordon Gecko's/serial killers on ritalin. Sort of like the video battle simulations of Topgun in the 80's to enhance military enlistment. Now its "junior stock market investor". I'm sick of seeing every third commercial promoting e-trade. It has poisioned our kids. May the bubble burst In the Year of Our Lord Dow, 11,000 and climbing...real soon now. Parents? What say ye?

Lorelei the Pagan

-- Lorelei the Pagan (, December 03, 1999


Gordon is on Ritalin? Nobody told me, that explains why he would make a career in oil.

-- squid (, December 03, 1999. a good lawyer to defend against a defamation lawsuit?

-- TM (, December 03, 1999.

Why would she need a lawyer? Gordon is the name of the character in the movie "Wall Street" with Martin and Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas playing Gordon.

In one scene Gordon says "Greed is good..."

-- Peace Farmer (peacefarmer@thefarm.veg), December 03, 1999.

My apologies...just goes to show how pop-culturally challenged I am! Never saw the movie.

-- TM (, December 03, 1999.

As many of you know, I am quite fond of the capitalist system. However capitalism requires responsible behavior by informed adults. We are desparately short the former and the media have done away with the latter.

It is my belief that this Pokemon crap is an outgrowth of the "tulip mania" we are currently deluding ourselves with. It will end when the bubble pops.

-- Gordon (, December 03, 1999.

G.G. -- agree!

For some reason all this reminds me (though it really isn't analagous) of the final scene from "Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" where Slim Pickens rides the bomb out of a B-52 like in a rodeo, yelling Hee-Haw! (1964) (Stars Peter Sellers.)

-- A (, December 04, 1999.

Or is it "Yee-Haw!"?

-- A (, December 04, 1999.

It could be worse,our children could be going crazy over hentai animei (look out!)

-- zoobie (, December 04, 1999.

Thank you peacefarmer for your gallant defense. My dairy farming cousins (family of 13) in Ireland have been decimated by the "Celtic Tiger" currently rampaging across Ireland, which is the Irish Version of Greed is Good. (Confidential to TM, rent the Oliver Stone film, Wall St. It's a quaint nugget of nostalgia for us old timers) Now once again everybody, I suggest you read what I posted in the Chernobyl discussion responding to the "wormwood" query. For the curious, you might check out That's our very own United States Patent Trademark Office. You may be interested in patent number 5,878,155 issued on 2 March 1999 entitled, A Method for Verifying Human Identity During Electronic Sales Transactions. Before you let X-Files paranoia destroy ya, I refer you again to Book of Rev. 8:11 and 13:16 and 17. But pay NO attention to that guy named John said Mr. Megiddo! Factoid: "Pagan" is not anti-Christian. On the contrary, the original etymology of the ancient Latin word means "country man or of the village district", as opposed to all those hip, slick toga-wearing city traders in the New/Old Roman Empire. And the Lorelei were the sirens who sang on the rocks warning sailors of the approaching dangers of running aground and their impending doom but were falsely accused of luring them to their deaths. BTW, am well acquanted with the ins and outs of libel law as I am a working journalist. Free Trade = Slave Trade. GMO = Death. Moneychanging tables will be turning in the temple. Soon. Take heed....

-- Lorelei the Pagan (, December 04, 1999.

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