Heavy clay soil! Any hope?

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We have 40 acres of heavy clay soil (Red River clay,Manitoba Canada). We are looking for suggestions and advice as to how we might improve the drainage/texture to facilitate our organic gardening efforts. Thanks.

-- Paul Burgoyne (burgoyne@escape.ca), December 03, 1999


Clay Soil

I have just left a property with very heavy clay. I do believe it is actually great soil and very rich. In the beds that I mulched and had compost at work the soil just improved dramatically.

I am pretty sure that mulching and nourishing the soil brings out the best to break the clay down a little. Otherwise the option is to use dolomite, break the surface spread dolomite, water in and then mulch over the top of the surface.

Good luck!

-- Rachel Viner (rav2@hotmail.com), June 08, 2002.

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