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I just bought a bus and I'm converting it to a motor home,and I'm living in it now.It is parked on a friend's land. (southwestern MT) Any suggestions on cheap winterizing or alternative power? (I'm operating on a teeny, teeny, tiny budget.) Thanks.

By the way, I know I'm crazy, but it CAN be done--I've seen it done.

-- Philomena (, December 03, 1999


Hi. i am in Northwestern MT, close the ID border and about 20 miles (cross country) south of Canada. We have alternative power, (solar with gen. back up) From what I have seen of your part of the state, Id suggest finding some way to set up a wind block, maybe covering the bus someway? Wind sure sucks the heat away fast, and that is the one thing I have in our favor, not much wind here.

-- Marci (, December 03, 1999.

How about stacking bales of straw around and on top of it,Then black plastic.My uncle made what he called a Bouse 30 yrs ago and it was very comfortable,even had a wood stove in it. It was not perminently parked,he took it every where.Of course he didn't have any outside insulation. Good luck.. Doris in Idaho

-- Doris Richards (, December 04, 1999.

A friend of ours has a really cool bus, his family's full time home. It has solar pannels on the roof, a huge water tank with hot on demand and a filter good enough that they can fill it from any water source. It also has a wood stove, full sized 'fridge and a chest freezer, powered by the battery bank. There are also three very well planned bedrooms! Oh, and so far, to keep it warm in the winter, he drives it south...

-- Fran Ogren (, December 09, 1999.

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