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I have a black angus steer that has developed a large (half-dollar sized) warty looking growth on his head and another one on the side of his neck. He doesnt want me to touch it and one day it appeared to be seeping a tiny amount of blood. Does anyone know what this is? Is it transferrable to my other livestock? Should he be seen by a vet or can I treat it myself? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

-- Julie (, December 03, 1999


I grew up on a cattle ranch. Never encounter exactly what you describe, but apparently something is in under the skin that his body wants to discard. If it were mine, I try a "drawing poltice". A salve like mixture that dries and draws (shrinks)as it dries. It should draw out the thorn, poison or whatever. The poltices are changed regularly. If not noticably improved in 24 hours, call a vet. Grandma Pearl made a poltice in the palm of her hand by shaving (scraping) a bar of Oxtagon soap with a knife blade. When she got 1/4 cup shavings, she sprinkled 1 teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of hot water. She would use a butter knife as a spatula to work the sugar and water into the soap. The warmth of her hand helped. Soon it would be creamy and she'd slap a dollop of it onto the carbuncle (boil, ris'n) on my sister's neck. Then she'd wrap a clean cloth around her neck. (Don't think the Angus will stand for that!) Lots of Luck.

-- Eve (, December 03, 1999.

there are so many possibilities with that kind of symptom that just guessing is an improbable option. To list a few.... 1}Could be a cattle fly larva...basically a single maggot about a half-inch or so long might be living in there...eventually it will work it's way out and leave a nasty hole. Painful as well...

2]Abcess from a wound or bite...bats...pellet gun hole..rubbing against a tree or splintered fence and some wood got embedded in there.

3] cancer to be more precise..usually not lethal if treated

I suggest you see a vet...I was a veterinary tech for many years before my eyesite went South. Seen a lot and done a lot...ran a horse ranch for a few years and still do wildlife rehab on occasion. so....see a vet. :)

-- Satanta (, December 03, 1999.

I think what you describe is exactly what you called it...a wart. On my farm I raise black angus and angus cross cattle. I have had this occur on my black cattle, usually only on the younger ones (6-24) months. Although it is unsitely, it never has effected the overall health or growth of the animal. I have had pretty bad cases and sometimes only a wart or two. Either way, it has always taken care of itself, 3-6 months depending on severity. The cattle seem to just start rubbing them off.(probably the blood you saw) The Jeffers catalog has a couple of vaccines for wart virus and also an ointment to remove them, although I've never tried them. (1800-jeffers).

-- Rob Shipe (, December 07, 1999.

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