OT: Tank at Thai refinery explodes, at least two killed

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Good Lord, what's going on today?

Tank at Thai refinery explodes, at least two killed 2.49 p.m. ET (2001 GMT) December 2, 1999 BANGKOK, Thailand (AP)  A storage tank exploded Thursday night at an oil refinery in Thailand, killing at least two people, police said.

Radio station Jor Sor 100 FM reported five dead after the explosion at the refinery at Laem Chabang in the Sri Racha district on the Gulf of Thailand. The differing figures could not be immediately reconciled.

At least 10 people were injured, police said.

A fire was still burning at the refinery more than an hour after the explosion, but was under control, a police officer said at the Laem Chabang station. He declined to give his name.

Police said they did not know the cause of the explosion.

-- Roland (nottelling@nowhere.com), December 02, 1999


Russia, Austria, Thailand... boom boom boom.

Yeah, no kidding. What the F is going on...?

-- and then there's all (those@chem.trails), December 02, 1999.

Subject: [MarylandNewsNetwork] Harford Co gas main fire Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 12:50:37 -0500 From: "Admin4" Reply-To: MarylandNewsNetwork-owner@onelist.com Organization: Maryland News Network To: , ,

Harford Co gas Main Fire Harford Co, Md.......Baltimore Gas and Electric crews were busy assisting Harford County Firefighters this morning. as a 4" gas main ruptured, sparking a 1 Alarm Blaze. Crews arrived at the new housing complex on "Mardick rd and Rt-24" to find 6-10' flames shooting from the "Unmanned" hole. A safe perimeter was quickly established by fire officials, while other crews protected the nearby exposures. No injuries were reported at the time of this report. Story by J.Goetz and Bill Swan

-- Charli Claypool (claypool@belatlantic.net), December 02, 1999.

We heard through the Y2K grapevine that several firms that had not done a 100% job were going to "Put into production" and "Test" their new systems in December.

We also heard that some feel they're "just too busy" until after Christmas, and that starting December 27 all hell will break loose when they finally "get around to it."

The news is starting to make us wonder ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), December 02, 1999.

When the Bellingham pipeline blew, there was some evidence that a computer error occurred at the same time. Remarks by company employees suggested that they were putting in some kind of patches. I suggested that we might be seeing a rushed Y2k fix that didn't work. I further suggested that (if my guess was correct) we would see more of those as additional pipelines, etc, put in similar fixes.

A scattering of petroleum-related failures near the end of the year would match the bell-curve we have all been wondering about. That does not mean that any one of these explosions, or any of them, are actually caused by a Y2k fix or failure-to-fix. But it is kind of interesting.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), December 02, 1999.


There has been several times now that I have alueded to an 18 month failure time frame for time senstive micro processors, we are well into the beginning of the bell curve. Things should really start to become interesting as we close on 01/01/2000. But Mr. Another Engineer has quite correctly stated that there is another time sensitive chip which will fail (after it has been ran successfully through the roll over). When it is taken off power and then re-booted in 2000.( Remember...The powers that be have decided to take their oil refineries, pipe lines, chem plants etc. off line, then re-boot them after the roll over...Can we say HEART ATTACK! This might just be the effect when these micro processors hit the 2000 date on their re-booting).

The other factor here is that many, if not most of the offending chips are "on site" of the explosion, fire etc. And thusly are destroyed completely in the heat generated. So you will run into a lot "of unknown causes" statements in the days to come.


-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), December 02, 1999.

Thanks shakey...I always go say more prayers after your posts!:> Keep posting please, I follow your info.

-- More Dinty Moore (dac@ccrtc.com), December 02, 1999.


Thai Oil Refinery Fire Rages On, Four Dead 4.50 a.m. ET (1002 GMT) December 3, 1999 SRI RACHA, Thailand  Fire blazed at one of Thailand's biggest oil refineries on Friday 15 hours after an explosion killed four workers and destroyed millions of litres of gasoline stored in tanks.

The blast at Thai Oil Co's 220,000 barrels per day plant in eastern Sri Racha on Thursday night also injured several workers, overturned parked cars and shattered windows of nearby houses, witnesses said. It was also felt in nearby towns.

Fire destroyed four of nine gasoline storage tanks, rescue officials said, adding that the number of bodies recovered from the site had risen to four from two earlier on Friday.

They added there was a real danger of the remaining tanks also ending up in flames because of intense heat and winds.

A local municipal official said the intense heat was taking a toll on fire fighters who had been working non-stop since late on Thursday and could not get close enough to act effectively.

Thai Oil managing director Chulchit Bunyaketu said: "The fire is still raging. So far it has destroyed some 30 million liters of gasoline (in some tanks). We are doing our best to save the remaining 30 million liters (still left in other tanks).''


Lieutenant General Lertrat Rattanavanich, assistant army chief of staff (civilian affairs) directing operations at the site, said more fire engines  both private and public-owned  were being mobilized to sustain the foam spraying.

"Chances of the other tanks catching fire are quite high. The heat of the first four tanks are accumulating and the fourth and fifth tanks are only about 10 meters apart,'' he told reporters.

"The lingering fire at the first, second, third and fourth tanks is blending together into one huge fire ball,'' he said.

A Thai army plane was being sent to Singapore to ferry back 52 tons of protective foam to boost dwindling supplies.

Thai Oil and state-owned Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) officials said gasoline stored in the undamaged tanks would be siphoned off to safety.

Chulchit said the whole refinery would be shut indefinitely and estimated the cost of damage so far at 500 million baht (US$13 million). The refinery was insured for $2 billion.

"Initial investigations found that the explosion was caused by fire sparks. But we do not know yet exactly what the reason was. But we have ruled out sabotage,'' he added.

"The plant has a track record of 31 million man hours of accident free operations over our past 40 years of operations.''

Due to the fire, Thai Oil declared force majeure on crude oil imports and sales of refined products but did not specify the tenure of the action or detail the kind of products affected.

(US$1 - 39 baht)

-- Roland (nottelling@nowhere.com), December 03, 1999.

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