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Have you ever been arrested? Tell us all about it! Or really, any brushes with the cops in any form. Let me know that I'm not alone. :)

-- Lisa (, December 02, 1999


I got a speeding ticket the other day for going 79 in a 65, which is pretty funny considering I had the cruise control set at 65 and there were three other people in the car who saw it. Court date's Jan. 4, so I'm hoping Y2K ends civilization now so I can get out of $70. Oh, and one time I almost got arrested for about four different counts of stuff in Texas, but I eluded the cops until I got back here in Indiana. When I have more time I'll post that up here too.

-- James. (, December 03, 1999.

I've been arrested 4 times. Every time was for civil disobedience. This always cracks me up too. I mean I wasn't arrested for murder, or theft, or rape, or assault, or vandalism, or even something as artificial as speeding. I was arrested because when some schmuc, who was supposed to be a public servent, got the idea into his head that he was a public master told me to do something I said "no."

Was civil disobedience the 11th commandment?

Though shalt obey thy government, thy lord. Their fascism is good upon the face of the land.

Anyway, I didn't end up in jail any of the times, and the one time I would have ended up in the tank I made the cops laugh so hard that they let me sit by their desk until my folks got there to take me home.

I love cops with a sense of humor.

If only they didn't arrest you because you thought that our government didn't have a right to bomb foreign countries.

-- Brand 'the mad' Robins (, December 03, 1999.

Heh. I think I'll keep the actual arrests to myself for now... it's been a long time since any of them anyways. Back in '87, after leaving the(insert University name)in disgust, I got together with a school chum of mine to drop a little LSD in the central public park area in town. A light dosing around midnight and a casual walk towards where we would eventually catch a bus back home. Well, here it comes to be one in the morning, we're beginning to fly, and we come up to the stop... covered in yellow plastic. Go around the corner to the other side of the Bon Marche and catch the bus there, it said. Not literally. We weren't -that- high... So we do so, just as a police car slowly cruised by in the opposite direction, rounding one corner whilst we did the other. Staring at the schedule, just as we are finding out that the last bus ran fifteen minutes previously and we were footbound the whole way, the same police car screetches around the corner at top speed. Slamming on the brakes next to us, the two cops jump out and slam me face first against the hood, my companion against the trunk. And begin to frisk us. Too bleary from the drug was I to formulate the mental words 'illegal search and seizure', and at any rate the officer wasn't too forthcoming with any information. The other was mumbling, I found out later 'where's your key?' over and over again to my friend. They release us and tip over the trashcan beside the bus stop, digging around in the garbage. Imagine if you will the sight of two uncommunicative cops on their knees digging through random crap to us, a couple of tripping teens... eventually we were informed that someone fitting my description had been breaking into parking meters using a numbered key. What they had hoped to find was the key, and a whole lot of change. We had a dollar and a dime between the two of us. We were released to begin the -long- walk home and the entire time we were within the limits of the downtown area, either those officers or another car was trailing behind in the distance, making absolutely sure that we were not lying when we said we were just going home. Later on I found from another friend just what the cops' names were. He'd encountered them before... breaking into parking meters. I'm still happy they didn't find the extra hit in my watch pocket.

-- Raido (, December 03, 1999.

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