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I have a xl-1 and is a great camera. However, my knowledge of camera are only good to certain levels and I know I can do a lot more with the xl-1 if my camera skills are better. Does anyone know any websites or books that would allow me to know more about shooting/cameraworks. Any word of advise would be great too.

I especially want to learn about exposures, and gains on the camera...actually, anything that would allow me to shoot great footage

Thanks in advance.


-- Aaron (, December 02, 1999


Hi aaron

I have an XL1 and have a bit the same problem as you anayhow I might be able to help you with some links I found during my invest

A link to lighting for TV productions, very handy;

How to get filmlook tips

Some more info


there exist a hand book from maybe that's what you're looking for


-- ron naber (, December 07, 1999.

I found this page full of DV links


-- ron (ronsletters@yahoo.Com), December 16, 1999.

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