2nd house.empty 2 years can't get tenant.can't afford mortgage

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husband and I moved out of house 7 years ago because of problem neighbours.got 2nd mortgage on present home and, was renting out old house with consent of lender(halifax) problem is, house has been unoccupied for last two years as unable to find a tenant, but have still been paying two mortgages , with great difficulty and hardship. have done everything to find tenant, but too many similar properties for rent in area.we have explained our plight to halifax who, don't give a s**t - they are only interested in getting their money in full and,as for all our other debts .. well tough! We are totally stressed-out and fed-up about this now and,rather than crippling ourselves paying a mortgage on an empty house (and council tax.. insurance etc..) just feel like handing the keys back to halifax in despair, but have no idea of legal implications etc.. this would bring.property is in negative equity, so can't sell first. have indemnity insurance, would we have to pay any shortfall if sold, in one lump?present home we live in is with different lender and, payments are up to date so this is all we are concerned about. any advise please, anybody??? this is making me ill and affecting my family. many thanks.

-- debbie regan (regan@sweeney.karoo.co.uk), December 02, 1999


I am in the same situation, I'd be very interested in suggestions as to how to get rid of this white elephant!

-- kate faulkner (kate@icl.net), April 06, 2000.

Im also in the same situation. Seems to me that although there is some good advice in here, one page tells you not to worry and let these companies chase you, another will tell you its all doom and gloom. Surely there is a way of not having to pay. Does anybody have a point to point plan of the best way to deal with this, all in simplified form please.

Regards and best of luck


-- shaun smith (shaun.smith@ukonline.co.uk), April 25, 2000.

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